Chooi Brothers: EPO's first Classics Concert a thrilling performance

02 October 2023

The highlight of the concert, however, was the Evansville premiere of the Double Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra, composed by Sheridan Seyfried for the two soloists, who are brothers. An engaging composition, the Double Concerto opens with a lovely musical figure that is traded between the soloists.

That the young violinists were seasoned performers became immediately evident. They played with easy proficiency and great musicianship. The third movement of the concerto drops the lyricism of the first and morphs into a rollicking hoedown, which the brothers — with their Curtis Institute and Juilliard pedigrees — had no problem mastering.

So great was the audience ovation at the final foot-stomping note that the brothers generously offered three encores. The first, a Csárdás by Vittorio Monti arranged for two violins, continued the breathtaking demonstration of the brothers’ dexterity and virtuosity. Then followed works in genres not usually found in a classics concert. First was a sensitive (and nostalgic, for many in the audience) setting of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Another ovation. Finally came a string version of “Despacito” that even Luis Fonsi would have approved — certainly the audience did.