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July 29, 2015
A New Time for Time for Three and I!!
June Ella

Dear friends, family, and colleagues,
I am beyond thrilled to announce that I will be joining Time for Three. I will step into the shoes of Zach DePue, whom I would like to wish the very best in his hugely responsible role as concertmaster of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and to thank him for all he has done with Time for Three as a founding member. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Time for Three for a week of performances earlier this year substituting for Zach. What I discovered while playing with the group was that much of what I love and strive for in music was embedded in some shape or form as the core beliefs of the group. Our collaboration was a blend of ensemble playing with the individuality of a solo role, versatility in a wide range of styles, and high-octane energy. I came away from that experience inspired by their passion, quality, and integrity of the group's work. Back then, never did I imagine I would be put into this situation where I am now a part of Time for Three! I am ecstatic to begin this exciting new adventure with Nick and Ranaan and we hope to reach out to even more people with our music.
Nikki Chooi


A new TIME: Introducing a new violinist to Time for Three

Dearest beloved fans and supporters,

It has been the first 15 years, and the three of us gentlemen in Time for Three continue to be humbled, honored, and privileged to bring you musical joy, passion, and storytelling from stage. Through our records which you have so graciously consumed with love, and shared with zest with your friends and communities, we are so grateful to be a part of your lives. It is absolutely incredible to us that we get to create for you, and each one of us will continue to dedicate ourselves to this mission which we will never take for granted.

In this same vein, we have some news. We inform you that after these incredible 15 years together, our beloved one-of-a-kind violinist, colleague, and brother, Zachary Jon DePue, has decided to depart Time for Three. As many of you know, Zach is the treasured and fearless concertmaster of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, an innovative and extraordinary organization which we love, have grown together with, and quite excitedly, will continue to collaborate with into the future. Zach will now be able to dedicate 100% of himself to his role there, giving an unprecedented amount of value through the music he and his fellow musicians will make into a community of music lovers which are the envy of most.

Zach is also allowing for the spirit and life of Time for Three to carry on, to grow, and to live a parallel, re-invigorated life which will continue to be the distinguished one-of-a-kind presence onstage, the flexible, inventive band which all of you have come to know and love.

With distinct pleasure, honor, and colossal amounts of excitement we introduce to you Zach’s successor, an acclaimed, formidable soloist and a long time friend of Time for Three, violinist Nikki Chooi.

In many ways, Nikki is cut from the same musical fabric as the three of us. Having graduated from the same alma mater, Nikki has the valued mega-pack of distinctive qualities and abilities which are behind what fuel TF3’s uniqueness. And we are incredibly humbled to accept Nikki into our creative sandbox, to join Ranaan and Nick in this new and exciting chapter of the band's life, and to embark on a new journey. This has been an incredible new door for us to open, and there is a lot planned as we take steps together towards a new, fulfilling future!!

Nikki will be appearing on selected dates with Time for Three during the 2015-16 season, fulfilling his schedule of international concert dates while starting to play as a full time member of the band. In coordination with his duties at the Indianapolis Symphony, Zach will intersperse appearances with TF3 throughout and until the end of the same season, helping Ranaan and Nick make the seamless transition. Nikki will take over fully beginning with the 2016-2017 season.

As always, and with this incredibly personal news, we look forward to seeing each and every one of you, your family, and friends, out there in the “house" when we come to town. We cannot wait to introduce you to Nikki! As we look forward to new territories, both literally and metaphorically, we will do so because we have been empowered by all of you to continue onward, and upward!
We thank you, and we love you. From Time For Three.

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