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The brothers were stylish and passionate....[Nikki] Chooi is a violinist who flourishes at the tender end of the emotion scale


Chooi’s fleet passagework and purity of tuning at the highest registers were potently employed for heightened efficacy


All three are under the age of 30 but they expressed the emotion and technique of mature musicians trapped in young person’s bodies.


Chooi has developed into a fine soloist, his performance of the fantasy as richly expressive and technically assured....the melodic writing eloquently performed, especially in the fine slow movement.


The concert opened with Mozart's Violin Sonata in E flat composed in 1778; a two-movement work of disarming simplicity that is hard to bring off. But Chooi handled the work with a calm style, beautifully supported by pianist Stephen De Pledge. In some ways the gorgeous Piano Trio by Smetana was the highlight of the concert. With a deeply impressive relationship between all three players, this intensely rich creation came alive in glowing terms, revealing that Chooi is not just a dazzling technician, but a chamber musician of some class.

- John Button, The Dominion Post

Conductor, Giordano Bellincampi
Violinist, Nikki Chooi

Soloist Nikki Chooi made it the musical equivalent of a book that you can't put down. There was theatre here, as funeral march led to an expansive Adagio cantabile showcasing the sweet-toned Chooi. When the conductor invoked great waves of sound, the violinist rode them like a champion surfer.

- William Dart, New Zealand Herald


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